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Educational Software Thread, abacus i planner backup in Technical; Anyone use this? Downloaded it from their website but it's an exe file and it will only run when administrator ...
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    abacus i planner backup

    Anyone use this? Downloaded it from their website but it's an exe file and it will only run when administrator is logged on. Don't really want to take restrictions off the network for domain users so wondered if anyone has found an alternative way of backing up a locally installed i planner.

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    Try using Steel Run-As
    Steel Run-As download and review - launch applications with admin rights from SnapFiles

    I have used this on loads of software before that needs an administrator, if you don't want to put in Administrator credentials, make a new user with admin rights and use them instead.

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    Set it up as a scheduled task, specifying the administrator to run it.

    Alternatively if you want the user to run it manually, set it up with a runas script remembering to include the switch to remember the admin password.

    Scheduled task is best by far if this is a domain machine.


    As a side note, I don't know what backup facility they provide, but I just use an OSQL command attached to a SQL backup script.

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    Does anybody have a copy of the backup tool, the links on the website no longer exist.


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