I was installing ActivPrimary on OS X 10.5.5 clients yesterday and when logged in as a local admin user all was fine. I then logged in as a network user (our AD users log into OS X with home dirs stored on the XRAID over AFP) and found that ActivPriamry would not run. I thought it was me at first and that some managed preference on the software was stopping it working. I removed the Prefences for the software (which reminds me i need to put them back on) and tried again still no go. So i called Promethean support and was told:

"Yeah. ActivPrimary 3 on OS X doesn't support networked home dirs"

So this puts me in an awkward position. We are looking into both Smart and promthean boards for our new school. If this is to continue to be the same, then i don't see how we can use promethean boards.

Anyone seen any different to what i have been told. Its funny though since ActivPrimary looks a million times better on OS X than it does on Windows