If any teacher tries to buy this for your school - PUT THEM OFF

Possibly the worst installation procedure I have ever seen, once installed it needs an overly complicated activation procedure (also if you do a reinstall, you get stuck in a loop in which you cant put the details in on the website but it also wont let you download the existing activation file) and it installs in an extremely messy way - when the installed product has an empty folder called 'new folder' installed with it, you worry about the quality...

Worst of all, it just doesnt work! It looks like the program uses the web browser but helpfully puts its own UI over IE's but just uses the engine...which is the least helpful thing in the world when you start the software and get 'Page can not be displayed' - you dont even know what file its trying to access!

Has anyone else used this and can help me? One of the tech teachers is continually nagging for me to get it working, and apparantly he chatted with their tech support and got 'we dont normally hear of any problems' - BS