Well after evaluating since the start of this thread, finding out that some companies are basically anti-contactable, and won't even point us to a disty to get pricing etc, we are either going to go with Sophos again (but on a 12 month licence to help us jump ship if the next version is worse than this one) or Trend Micro.

Talking to a few other schools and companies recently they also are looking at Trend Micro as a solution, or using them, so I am sitting down next week and going to see what final info I can get on Trend, its certainly cleaned our Fileservers up, Sophos is appauling at missing Java based viruses, we found 40 on the servers, some had been detectable for many months, so its showing its not good.

These were not mission stopping viruses, but Java Downloader ones, which could answer for strange profile issues and bloating of profiles for no reason, also the excess network traffic.

Also seems that Sophos needs full control over everything it wants to scan to be able to even see if there is a virus, which is never used to, it always used to scan them, but didn't manage to remove them.

Anyway, decision needs to be made next week, as we don't want to end up un-protected! I will let you all know what I do.