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    Solid Works 2007-2008 Student Design Kit package

    I have got Solid Works 2007-2008 Student Design Kit 60 day trial, which is fine when it is installed manually on each computer.

    But the real reason that we got the 60 day trial is to see if we could turn it into a cc3 package because installing this across the site would be a nightmare doing it one by one.

    I am so close to getting my cc3 package to work but it keeps failing to install because it needs the serialnumber and regcode variables put into the MSI (which I know how to do) but you donít get one with the 60 day trial!!!

    Is anybody else using this software on cc3 and have you managed to package it?

    If someone could PM me a serialnumber and regcode just so I can finish my testing I would be very grateful and share my finished package with them if they use CC3.

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    From my testing of this, its a knightmare! If you purchase it you want the true Network edition will will work fine as its got a network licence server and nothing for the clients (so I was told when I looked into it)

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