Dear all,

The only variable that stops you from installing via GPO is the “Locate the HdnLauncher folder” screen (Where your install is on the network). To get this variable added automatically create a mst file. To create the mst open the msi with Orca. Create a “new Transform” and add the row called “SERVERDIR” with the path \\servername\HdnLauncher to the “Property” table. Close the transform and save it as a suitable name e.g. hebron_servername.mst.

When adding the msi to a GPO (right click “Software installation” new > package) it will ask you after adding it to pick between Assigned or Advance. Pick Advance and on the “Modifications” tab click the “Add” button. Select the mst you just created and it will now install with the path you added to the mst.

:-) Hope this helps someone out there

(P.S. Thanks to Zerohour for other ActivStudio posts that has helped me do this )