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Educational Software Thread, Access-it Library Software. in Technical; There isn't anything wrong with it but i couldn't see a forum where you could give a list of great ...
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    Access-it Library Software.

    There isn't anything wrong with it but i couldn't see a forum where you could give a list of great educational software. Probably because there isn't much around ;-)

    Anyway we purchased the library software a while ago and while we still haven't actually used it yet (there's a few items in there from me) i must say that the support is superb. The main head quarters are based in New Zealand and as a result (i'm quoting-ish the guys from access-it now) this means that while we sleep they work on the issue. I was a bit dubious to how this would work at first but i must admit i am more than impressed.

    In the time we have had this software we have needed to migrate the DB over twice now.

    I had it initially installed on a Windows-based server (2003) but wanted to move it over to the Mac server which meant that we needed the DB migrated to OS X 10.4.

    One quick email to Support told me that i would need to upload the Db to them to migrate the Db (thanks Lianna) and so i followed the emailed URl and did just that.

    The DAY after i had an email telling me that the DB was available to download. To my surprise that had included the DB in with the installation file and so all i had to do was install. No messing about editing files or anything.

    The second time i decided i was going to upgrade Tiger to Leopard. Since there were so many changes Firebird needed updating which required the DB to need updating too.

    Again i spoke to support who stated to upload the DB.

    This time the following day all i had to do was copy and paste the new Db into the same data location on the server and run a permissions change command on the file and it worked straight away.

    So what i am saying is that support is quick and concise and if no solution is found then it is quickly escalated and a solution is found. I have never had to wait longer than 3 days from problem to solution.

    Well done Access-it Software and keep it up.

    Thats been my experience anyway.:-)

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    My experiences with their support team have been good as well, you pay for the privilege but it is worth it. I spent 2hrs with one of their techs on a shared desktop session to resolve some stability issues that we were having with it.

    Overall the latest version of their software is very good, its entirely java underpinnings do slow it down a bit but thats the price of cross platform. Our stability issue was caused in part due to the computer having Access-it on it for that long that we had upgraded java so many times it became confused. The other part of the issue was due to an invalid character in a borrower field and a duplicate borrower id.

    Can't really blame them for the java bit and with a tiny bit more data sanitizing - which they may have added already - the issues we were having shouldn't happen again.

    Overall a surprisingly good grade for a bit of software aimed at schools from me to.

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