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Educational Software Thread, Smartboard 10 in Technical; Morning all As most of you will know Smartboard 10 has been released. Basically i am having some problems with ...
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    Smartboard 10

    Morning all

    As most of you will know Smartboard 10 has been released.

    Basically i am having some problems with it.

    I downloaded both the driver files and the notebook files to my server, ran the install manager and created custom install files so i could deploy smartboard via gpo's

    Now i pushed the GPO to a test machine in the ICT suite and it installed the driver files no problem, but when it came to the notebook software it just sat there for 45 minutes without any activity, in the end i have had to remove the GPO and leave it on smb 9.7

    Anyone else suffering this problem and have an idea? or any idea where its going wrong? have i messed up the custom file etc?

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    Have you asked it to install the gallery?
    My guess it that this is causing the problem. In your transform file don't get it to install the gallery.
    You can then create a separate msi file with the reg fragment so it looks for the gallery on your server or installs the gallery locally.
    Do a search on here for Smart Notebook 10. There is a long thread about it.

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    Did you uninstall the previous version of Smart software? I'm sure I read somewhere that it wont install if an older version is already there.

    May be wrong though

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