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    Google For Educators

    Just seen this Google For Educators

    At Google, we support teachers in their efforts to empower students and expand the frontiers of human knowledge. Thatís why weíve assembled the information and tools youíll find on this page.

    Here, youíll find a teacherís guide to Google Tools for Your Classroom. And to spark your imagination, you'll find examples of innovative ways that other educators are using these tools in the classroom.
    Some nice downloadable posters on how to use Google for your ICT Suites

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    Some of the google applications are really very good and especially fit in well with a curriculum based on collaboration and sharing. I think google are ahead of the game in many respect when comparing other, less free solutions (like the rubbish MS and the VLE producers overcharging us for)

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    Thanks - bookmarked for when I'm back in school next week

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