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Educational Software Thread, Solidworks CAD software in Technical; Hey folks, Been asked to look into solidworks (it's cad software) to see if it will go onto our network... ...
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    Solidworks CAD software

    Hey folks,

    Been asked to look into solidworks (it's cad software) to see if it will go onto our network...

    Been on RM site and nothing shows up for it at all - anyone installed this on CC3?

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    Have a word with sylvr (PM) think he was installing on RMCC3 don't know how far he is with it though.

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    Couldn't crack it at all. So installed it manually on the workstations. Only had 10 licences so it wasn't a massive problem.

    The initial package was about 3gig - partly the reason why I don't think I had any joy.

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    So here's another one for you - Now been asked to look at:

    :: Pro Engineer
    :: Autodesk Inventor

    Anyone know anything about them and how they fit into a CC3 network.

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