Have installed Oxford Reading Tree "Floppy and Friends" on the network but have strange fonts appearing randomly, looked at the web site and got the following,

Q, The stories/activities are displaying strange characters, how can I resolve this?

The short answer is: relax the security settings on the system fonts folder.

Basically, if the problem occurs in Windows XP or 2000, it is probably because the story is not able to save the font to a temporary location on the hard drive. If the user's access to the hard drive is increased, it will work.

However an oversight between Macromedia and Microsoft means that the temporary folder Director uses, is actually locked down under some levels of security both on XP and to a lesser extent 2000. In these cases the Director movie picks a system font (seemingly at random) that it feels may be most appropriate. Suffice to say, the problem can be removed by relaxing the level of security imposed on the local machine.

Obviously don't want to relax the security so anyother ideas or come across this before?