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Educational Software Thread, OpenOffice3 to have PDF edit, Email, Calendar, etc... in Technical; ...
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    Thumbs up OpenOffice3 to have PDF edit, Email, Calendar, etc...

    OMG the new version of OpenOffice slated for September release looks awesome!

    My best bitz:

    New PIM:
    * Email
    * Calendaring with meeting invites and free/busy publishing
    * Task management
    * Server connectivity to CalDAV servers, Google Calendar and Sun Calendar Server, as well as the obligatory iCal support. Alas, no mention of Zimbra.
    * Specifically touted by OpenOffice developers as an ‘Outlook replacement’

    Support for Everything:
    * PDF files can be imported into Draw and edited with all their layout intact. Yum.
    * The whole Openoffice suite can save ‘hybrid’ PDF documents that can be viewed as PDFs or edited as OpenDocument files.
    * Edit wikis directly from OpenOffice without learning Yet Another Needless Wiki Markup Format.
    * WordPress and Movabletype blogs can be edited too.
    * Support for MS Office 2007 XML. Microsoft confusingly calls this ‘Office Open XML’. We call it Stop Naming Your Unstable Undocumented Shitty Format To Sounds Like Ours Thanks.
    * Math fetishists can enjoy enhanced Latex support.

    Extension Manager:

    Openoffice 3 will have simple Firefox-like extensions. There’s a wide variety of existing OpenOffice extensions already available:

    * Fax support (both send and receive)
    * Google docs integration
    * Remote control for presentations via your bluetooth remote
    * Version control with Subversion
    * Voice commentaries for presentations

    Oh - and a natve Mac version.

    MS Office is dead.

    Extracted from here
    "a standard file format that’s actually, you know, a standard."

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    That does sound very cool... as for Zimbra:
    Server Supports Standards and Data Portability:
    • ZCS server supports iCal and CalDAV standards allowing you to import external iCal feeds or connect standards-based like Mozilla Sunbird
    • It also has complete REST / SOAP programming interface for making web services calls between ZCS Calendar and other web applications to share data
    • Users of ZCS Network Edition also have additional native connectivity to other clients like Microsoft Outlook (MAPI) and the Apple Desktop iCal client (iSync) as well as to popular mobile device calendars via Zimbra Mobile.

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    Sounds fairly impressive I am seriously considering getting rid of Microsoft Office at home.

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    Oooh-errr! Looking forward to this!

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