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Educational Software Thread, ECDL Software in Technical; We have major problems getting ECDL to work in our college. We have spent over a year trying to get ...
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    ECDL Software

    We have major problems getting ECDL to work in our college. We have spent over a year trying to get the software from Litmus Learning working properly - it always seems to break down very quickly. We can't allocate PC's solely for ECDL use and our policy is no users are allowed to use PC's with admin rights.

    I'd like to hear from anyone that has an ECDL system installed in their school/college and how it works for you and any problems with installation. This summer we will be reviewing ECDL and we would like to know what else is available.


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    works a treat for us, we deploy the program using msi's.

    i know it has problems with office 2007, but if you speak to your supplier they should be able to provide you with a patch.

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