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Educational Software Thread, Lucid Exact Software in Technical; Hello folks I need a fresh pair of eyes. I have installed the above software on a Windows 7 station ...
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    Lucid Exact Software

    Hello folks

    I need a fresh pair of eyes. I have installed the above software on a Windows 7 station with SQL server 2008. It works fine. I have installed on a client machine and it works fine logged in as an admin but not student. The error message is "the item this shortcut refers to cannot be accessed. You may not have the correct permissions" The Share permissions are full control everyone, and the students have read execute write permissions in the security tab. I have double and triple checked this !! It's not the Blocked by group policy error message (I have created a path rule anyway)
    I can't see why there is a permissions issue, can anyone see what I am doing wrong. It's driving me mad.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This software has always given me problems. We are now running it on a former domain laptop that runs XP. The laptop is now off the domain and does nothing else than testing students with Lucid. I 'fear' the day when it finally stops working [that day WILL come!]

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