We have x15 copies of Finale Print Music 2014, all installed on new computers, with new keyboards (Yamaha YPT-220s) and new MIDI-USB adapters. On x5 of these computers, we can't get Print Music to output through the MIDI keyboard speakers, nothing comes through them at all. The other x10 are fine.

We know the issue is not with the computers, keyboards or MIDI-USB adapters as we have tested these separately and confirm they are all in working order, so that just leaves Print Music 2014. All of the settings on these are the same!

The MIDI INPUT on these works fine, we can input music into the computers, it's just the MIDI OUTPUT that isn't working correctly with Print Music 2014.

I've tried re-installing the software and clearing all the cached settings files, but still nothing. This is a very, very odd issue! My next port of call is to re-build an affected computer, but I'd rather not go down that route