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Educational Software Thread, Datadisc PT software (TTS Logboxes) and Windows 7 in Technical; Hi I am looking for help with an issue using the Datadisc PT (v2.5.90) software on our school laptops. This ...
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    Datadisc PT software (TTS Logboxes) and Windows 7

    I am looking for help with an issue using the Datadisc PT (v2.5.90) software on our school laptops. This is the software used to connect the TTS Dataloggers to a laptop! We run a simple Win Server 2008 domain.

    Our old Win XP laptops ran the software perfectly, with no licensing issues. However we upgraded to Win 7 in the Summer (purchasing RM320 i5 Laptops).
    The software is installed locally on the laptops, and has the licence key installed.

    However, when my pupils log in to the domain on the laptops, the software will only run in demo mode, until the licence key is entered. It will then work for that pupil, but if anyone else logs in they also have to enter the licence - not a feasible scenario for a school with 450 users.

    I have contacted TTS and they were very unhelpful, except suggesting that the issue may be caused by local permissions. However, as far as I can tell the permissions are all set up as I would expect for pupils and we have no issues with any other licenced software.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or come across this issue?

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    Have you recently switched from Roaming to Mandatory profiles with the move to win7. Also it could be registry permissions rather than file, had this with one of the MSoffice programs onces

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    We never got the software to run at all on Windows 7, not even in demo mode! (Although it may have been a previous version.)

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    it does run happily on windows 7 even x64 ive done it in the past not here though. Iirc you need to use gpp (or regedit/s) to add a reg key to current user should be easy enough to find as your admin user and just export the key

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