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Educational Software Thread, Using the Web Version of Scratch 2 in Technical; Hi Guys, One of the schools I work at has bought into the Rising Stars Switched On Computing Scheme of ...
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    Using the Web Version of Scratch 2

    Hi Guys,

    One of the schools I work at has bought into the Rising Stars Switched On Computing Scheme of Work. We have Scratch 1.4 deployed to all the machines, but to make it easy for the teachers, I am making sure (as much a possible) that when they follow the Scheme of Work there are as few a curve balls as possible. One of the things it uses is the web based version of Scratch 2. I can easily deploy the shortcut, but what do you guys do about creating accounts for the children? I have heard that setting up 1 account for the whole class can cause saving issues. I have also seen that you can use it without logging in, and just going straight to the create tab. You can then upload or download projects from there. This to me sounds ideal, as you don't have to spend 10 minutes making sure everyone can log in..

    How do your kids use and save Scratch??

    thanks in advance...


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    We're still using 1.4 but that's partly because of our weedy internet connection.

    You can convert programs for 2.x to run on 1.4 with Retro Converter

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    There is an offline version of Scratch 2. Not sure if that helps you though.

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