Hi All,

I don't know if many people have heard of clicker 6 but its a special needs word processor. We are a special school and its a must have. However the way it is licensed is pre historic.

We install all software in an image because then i anything goes wrong re image 15 minutes and its back up and running. However if you install this software in an image as soon as its deployed its un-activated (which is understandable.) but then wont reactivate without a start-up script.

They make you write a start-up script with your licence details but it requires an administrator username and password saved unencrypted in the script. As far as I am concerned this isn't happening. Virus protection is good but all it takes is one to get through and scan files for terms like admin and pass.

"%ProgramFiles%\Crick Software\Clicker 6\CrickActivate.exe" -online -serial "X1234 12345 12345 12345" -silent -proxy "" -user "myusername" –pass "mypassword"

Why they cant just take the processor ID and then stop activations when quotas are hit I don't know.

Anyone else know a way around this? or am I logging in every time I re-image a machine.