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    Cricksoft - Clicker 6 - (special needs word processor)

    Hi All,

    I don't know if many people have heard of clicker 6 but its a special needs word processor. We are a special school and its a must have. However the way it is licensed is pre historic.

    We install all software in an image because then i anything goes wrong re image 15 minutes and its back up and running. However if you install this software in an image as soon as its deployed its un-activated (which is understandable.) but then wont reactivate without a start-up script.

    They make you write a start-up script with your licence details but it requires an administrator username and password saved unencrypted in the script. As far as I am concerned this isn't happening. Virus protection is good but all it takes is one to get through and scan files for terms like admin and pass.

    "%ProgramFiles%\Crick Software\Clicker 6\CrickActivate.exe" -online -serial "X1234 12345 12345 12345" -silent -proxy "" -user "myusername" –pass "mypassword"

    Why they cant just take the processor ID and then stop activations when quotas are hit I don't know.

    Anyone else know a way around this? or am I logging in every time I re-image a machine.

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    Hi @bencole
    I have the same issue. Did you ever find a fix for this?


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    I guess they've stepped up security since Clicker 5 then - can't remember having that problem and I think the program does see some use here.

    What about either removing from the image and installing from the network via GPO post image (adds time), or using something like RunasSpc to encrypt the script?

    Just noticed the latter only free for private use (I'm sure it used to be OK for schools...) a couple of other untested options here.

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