We are running Cubase Elements 6 & 7 on 25 PCs. 6 of these have Lexicon Audio I/F devices that we can switch too for guitar and vocal input. The onboard computer soundcards (Creative) are enabled for general Windows applications, but in Cubase the software wants its on 'Low Latency Generic' soundcard. The problem that we have is that the 'low latency generic' doesn't seem to work and we are constantly having to go into Audio Setup and change it to Creative to get it to work (or Alpha) to get it to work. Does anyone know how I can get around this or fix whatever problem we are having. Our IT guys have given up...

It is a relatively easy fix for your average DAW user but year 7s, 8s and 9s who are not yet tech savvie need it to work straight away.

And before you say 'don't bother, get MACs' you are preaching to the converted but there is no way that I would get this. I have 3 stand alone MACs and that is all I'm getting.

Any help appreciated!!!!!