Has anyone come across this title from the MOVE Partnership?

Earlier versions were local installations based around an access database, but the new v3 is more a web-based solution with a bit of client software that lives on PCs in the school and acts as a front end.

I've been given the client by one of the special schools we support and asked to test it with a view to them using it as part of a wider Local Authority purchase. The web client appears to install fine on both our Windows 7 and 8.1 machines but doesn't seem to want to talk out through a proxy server.

As it can't contact the host system, it claims it is not licensed and promptly shuts down - without giving the user any option to set the use of either the system proxy settings, or a dedicated proxy configuration as many other web-based clients will do.

Completely speechless at that and wondering if anyone else here has encountered it - and, more importantly, got it to work in a proxied environment?

Thanks in advance.