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    How to silent deploy SMART Ink patch?

    A while back teachers informed me that the new version 33 of Chrome browser has broken SMART INK. They are correct. SMART Ink is no longer over Chrome. I called SMART about this today. They sent me a link that will put SMART Ink back on Chrome http://downloads01.smarttech.com/sof...3/smartink.exe. This link is not searchable on their website. It does work if an administrator runs the executable. They were not able to provide any information as to deploy it to all my machines. Can anyone come up with a batch script That I could add to a group policy as a startup script? If you could find out any switches I could use to deploy this via a batch file silent install I would appreciate it. I've tried /s /silent /qn etc...none work. Scripting is not my strong suit.

    We are using Windows 7 machines and the latest version of SMART Notebook™ collaborative learning software (11.4.564.0) with SMART Ink (2.0).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajcke View Post
    They were not able to provide any information as to deploy it to all my machines.
    Install SMART Ink on a spare PC or VM, then browse to the following folder.

    C:\ProgramData\Downloaded Installations\{DCAE6B6A-87C1-408F-A9D7-B8308624FB76}\
    Inside you will find an MSI (SMART Ink.msi) and an MST (1033.mst or 2057.mst) which you can deploy via Group Policy or SCCM if you have that?
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