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Educational Software Thread, Python for students in Technical; Our ICT teaching staff have been looking for a suitable way to teach students simple programming, and they've decided to ...
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    Python for students

    Our ICT teaching staff have been looking for a suitable way to teach students simple programming, and they've decided to have a go with Python. They've suggested I set up one of the ICT suites with Python 2. So...does this sound like a sensible idea, and what's the best approach...? Is there some free/commercial IDE suitable for kids...?

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    We use python here without any issues, I just run the portable version from a server share so not installed to and C drives.

    Have a look at the tutorials here as a starting point:-
    Learn Python Programming | Codecademy Online Tutorials


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    For questions as to network security, this thread has a few suggestions: Python and the school network

    As for an IDE, there is IDLE. Very basic but should be all they need, offers syntax highlighting, error source identification, interactive shell. Comes pre-installed with Windows version, may need installing separately on Linux depending on the distro. Oh and it's free

    Oh and also tell your teachers to look at Scratch, it's a lot simpler than Python but still teaches core programming logic so can be a gentler introduction: Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share
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