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Educational Software Thread, Sibelius Licence Server Move Woes in Technical; As the title says, I am having major problems with this program, it exists on a 2003 server which is ...
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    Sibelius Licence Server Move Woes

    As the title says, I am having major problems with this program, it exists on a 2003 server which is about to be decommed, so I want to move it onto my newly virtualised server setup (this basically I intend to have reside along our existing successmaker server, the same as its worked on the 2003 server), Its a plain 2008 server on hyper-v its going to.

    I have been through the rigmarole already with Avid to unregister the existing server and I have downloaded the most recent version of the Sib licence server software, but on installing it onto the new box now, when I go into the Avid Licence Control it gives me basically a blank screen with only Windows Vista on it, I will add that in tomorrow morning when I am back in work, its not giving me any information at all to allow the registration to proceed.

    Avids help so far has consisted of "Delete the ProgramData>Avid>Sibelius>Licence server and remove and reinstall the program, which I have done to no avail, even after their 35 minute brainwashing attempt while I rang their helpdesk.

    Anyone had this problem before on a VM and gotten around it ?



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    Hi, I did a move from 2003 to 2008 R2 (virtual) a couple of years ago and it worked fine, and on Monday I went from 2008 R2 VM to 2012 R2 VM, again by unlicensing the old server and installing on a fresh server then activating, so there shouldn't be any issues.

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    A stupidly expensive way to get around this but how about trying to sneak in a Sibelius upgrade into your budget? I just went from 6.2 to 7.5 and just started fresh with a new server and new licence key.

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    We're still using Sibelius 5. I have just unregistered the license server on a soon to be decommissioned box and relocated it without any difficulty to a 2008 VM.
    I have the client packed on RM CC4. For the life of me I cannot remember how I configured the package to automatically see the new license server address. Maybe they're just have to enter the server IP address manually.

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