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    Angry MLS annual support renewal

    Late last year we got an Invoice from MLS for £565 for "Annual Helpdesk Renewal - Jan 2014 to Jan 2015".
    Since we hadn't received any support from them (i.e 30+ mins on hold when trying to phone them before being cut off, no reply to emails for 7 days, no software updates to the product since 2011, etc) when we needed it, we decided we weren't going to renew the support, and thus didn't pay. We've now had a "REMINDER" from them demanding payment.
    I've spoken to our Account Manager and he has told me that we need to give 30 days notice, as per the original terms and conditions of sale (which would've been donkeys years ago) and that as it was past January we now couldn't not pay this year's support. I've asked him to send me a copy of the original agreement to see what it said and who signed it (but as yet it has not materialised).

    Has anyone else come across this, know if this is legal, or gotten out of paying, etc etc??

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    "Couldn't not pay this years support" - I think they'd not have a leg to stand on. Would be interesting to check the small print but I wouldn't be sure that would stand up in court. MLS aren't the only fish in the sea however they like to act as if they are.

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    What are they going to do if you don't pay? Stop Support? I'd like to see them try and take the school through the small claims court for a service they haven't delivered. It might be worth asking the CEO to comment on here.

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