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Educational Software Thread, Smart board / internet browser problems in Technical; Hello, Right we have an issue with our smart boards, our teachers in KS1 are using some interactive websites (drag ...
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    Smart board / internet browser problems


    Right we have an issue with our smart boards, our teachers in KS1 are using some interactive websites (drag a word into a bin and so forth) but when they go to drag an object within the website the browser does like a little hiccup and doesn't move the object.
    So since I was going to BETT I said I'd ask the nice people at Smart what was going on and if there was a fix,
    they said it was a known problem and blamed a chrome update, they also said to fix it I would have to;
    go into browser settings and make sure mouse event was ticked and not touch events

    So great I have a solution, except can I find what the hell they're on about, nope.
    So I'm appealing to the great and the good before I pull my hair out, has anyone else seen this problem and fixed it?
    If so how?

    few more details;
    windows 7 pro machines
    tried with Smart version 10 and 11
    tried on IE and Chrome


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    This sounds like the Adobe Flash issue everyone had when Flash was updated to v11.9.9, What Flash version do you currently have installed? Never come across "mouse event ticked and not touch" in browsers, that usually only applies in Powerpoint presentations AFAIK - (Transtions tab, Advance Slide on Mouse Click tickbox).

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    It sounds more like they are talking about the settings in the SMART control panel that switch from touch mode to mouse mode. Can't recall the exact name of it, but it's definitely in the SMART settings, not the browser.

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    I have seen this and this is what resolved it for me.

    Teachers were using that website, however the resoloution was set so the full page was not filling the screen (poss 800x600), it went over so you had to scroll down.
    I then changed the resolution, the full page was displayed and then they could use it as intended.

    My fix was to set the the resolution, and if they used a program that needed the native 800x600, to change it back once they had finished the program.

    This may not be the case for you though.

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