We have used a package for our Adobe CS4 software for some years made using Adobe's own toolkit and this has worked fine. However, the package was made on a 32bit workstation so the 64bit version of Photoshop didn't get included and we now have 64bit Windows installs. I'd have thought (as an interim measure) it'd be a simple case of getting the original CD media and modifying the install to add the 64bit photoshop in?

Well this did seem to be the case and it installed fine, however has gone into trial mode and asks for serial. No problem I thought, we have our site license which covers everything to do with CS4.. or not. The serial isn't accepted for Photoshop 64bit. I tried doing a manual install of a few of the other titles on another machine and putting the serial in which works fine, but for some reason Photoshop 64bit doesn't like it.

I have spent about an hour yesterday trying to find a way to contact Adobe without having to phone (haven't really got time to be on hold), yet I can neither find a working link for live chat nor a way to create new support tickets on our account area.

Is this something unique to us or is there likely a known reason why Photoshop 64bit doesn't like our single volume license serial?