Afternoon all

A school I work in is a SEN school, and I've been approached by one of the assistant heads with regards to some basic cause and effect based software to give the more complex needs children access to choices for rewards.

Basically, they want to have the ability to offer up a choice of videos / music / etc to them on the touch screens so they can select the reward and then watch the video / listen to the music / etc. They need it to have a bright button with an image relating to the reward (so if it's watching a video, then a picture of a main character so the child will recognise it as such). They also need there to be a varying number of rewards depending in their level, so 2, 3, 4 or 5 reward choices.

I was initially thinking just to code a simple web page on our intranet that has various options built in, but it would be better if we could make this so that the rewards can be altered by staff, so then I thought about possibly using something like Wordpress on our intranet to allow them to set the rewards through the admin interface etc.

Wordpress is probably the route I will take, but I'm just wondering if anyone has any other bright ideas or suggestions of existing software that might offer such as thing in place already?

Thanks all