This may or may not apply to other versions of Cubase.

It appears to have the power to overwrite permissions...
I've tested this over and over and can't figure out why.

For instance, start a new project and it asks you where to put it.
It providers the default library location - disabled for us in any other software but Cubase, rubbish as it is, shows it.
So, student unknowingly/badly informed clicks what they see is their username rather than their My Documents folder.

Shouldn't be an issue, because permissions state otherwise and it's read only for all users other than domain admins.
Cubase knows this and gives the following option to the user:

Surely it can't?

It can. It does. It overrides all protection and goes ahead and saves.

Then when the user logs out of their mandatory profile....

No work.

So, this post serves as both a warning, and a question - any hints on stopping that, other than rightfully getting rid of this unsuitable and dangerous software?