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Educational Software Thread, How Do You Define "Education" Licences? in Technical; Originally Posted by russdev How about this install in classroom/ ict suite great student got access and can use it. ...
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    Re: How Do You Define "Education" Licences?

    Quote Originally Posted by russdev
    How about this install in classroom/ict suite great student got access and can use it. Also staff can login and use it great no problem so you book computer login and use it.
    And I'd say you ought to install a copy on your workstation so that you can ensure it works on the network (assuming it's a site licence)

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    Educational software licenses in the main can be purchased by the institution. Obviously, an operating system for example, is not directly related to T&L but facilitates it; these are still available at educational pricing. You can also buy educational licensing from some vendors that will be used within the educational institution but not directly in the classroom, i.e. in the school admin.

    Resellers should ask for a purchase order on headed paper before processing educational licenses so that there is an audit trail to prove the licenses were sold to a bone fide educational institution.

    Some vendors, not only offer educational licensing but also 'teachers home use', e.g. Quark's whole school license (they are even offering all students a year's free home use at the moment).

    Then there are 'student and teacher' offerings. That gets more challenging depending on the vendor. There are varying definitions for that category. for Micosoft the definition is more general and relates to students in full or part time education over the age of 5. Adobe have a more complex approach eg:
    " Customers will only be able to register one copy of each product in a 12 month period.
    " This product is for personal use ONLY. This product may not be used for commercial gain.
    " Resellers must communicate the following in all marketing communications for products in this program:
    " Students will be required to provide proof of their current student status to install the products. Students must be enrolled in a degree-granting program at an acceptable Education Institution (being a bona fide university or college -- including community, junior and vocational colleges or other further education colleges -- that grants degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two (2) years of full time study) OR Students must be enrolled at an accredited public or private primary or secondary school providing full-time instruction.
    " Product licenses are limited to one per customer. This license may only be used on a privately-owned computer. The product may not be used for commercial purposes.

    Hope that was helpful!

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