Right, this is driving me insane. HALP.

So the music dept have bought some new keyboards; first impressions are that they're infinitely much better because they're just a straightforward USB cable to the desktop rather than the old keyboards which were a mess underneath the tables with a MIDI interfaces and the plethora of cables shooting in and out.

However since putting these new ones in I've had a major problem in that the keyboards wont play back in Sibelius 5 unless you go into the playback settings, activate the device and go from there. Problem is that when I'm setting the configuration (as an administrator) it won't keep it for when a student logs in; forcing them to have to go into Play > Playback Devices > Activate every time on every machine. We obviously don't want that. Sib 6 and upwards seems to have something about a Global Preference but I can't see it for the life of me in 5.

Any help/pointers would be much appreciated before I blow my brains out. FANX.