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Educational Software Thread, Norwich Union Shine Awards in Technical; I been given this software to install by my ICT Co-ord who happens to be PE Co-ord as well (And ...
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    Norwich Union Shine Awards

    I been given this software to install by my ICT Co-ord who happens to be PE Co-ord as well

    (And its on my locked down domain school )

    Is my instinct right that its a load of old rubbish that will never run properly without the user being given the same rights as God himself ?

    Logon as Administrator - works.

    Logon as anything else (inc a new Shine user created with Administrator rights that's not in any OU) and I just get errors saying can't write to ini files etc when I try to do something (program seems to carry on but windows are in the background - not exactly usable in a primary school )

    Anyone got experience of this one?

    (Just tried uploading the school registration details - the web site
    www.norwichunionshineawards.com doesn't work either )

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    Re: Norwich Union Shine Awards

    Use Filemon and Regmon to find out exactly where the program is writing and reading. Then use a script/msi/whatever to set the appropriate permissions.

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    Re: Norwich Union Shine Awards

    Hmm, our copy got renamed something slightly different from Shine awards......

    Never did get it to work correctly and by the time we had wasted weeks on trying the £49 the PE dept spent on it fell into insignificance!

    If anyone has a sucess story I would love to hear it......

    Sorry if this is bad tideings.

    Rob K

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