Hi guys,

I have a teacher that wants to place Espresso videos in their Smart Notebook (9.7) notebook files.

We followed the info in the help files and downloaded the Riva Encoder, installed it and then, when he saves a clip from Espresso to his machine; he can select the (newly available) Insert - > Video option form the menu in Smart Notebook, browse to his WMV (or whatever format) and the file is automatically converted into an FLV flash file and appears in his notebook.

He wants the computers on the school domain network to be able to do the same; so I logged in as Admin onto a workstation and installed the Riva Encoder on the machines. The issue is that the 'Insert Video' option does not appear in Smart Notebook when a user is logged on.

If I login as a teacher and run the Riva Encoder installer it, once it completes the option to Insert Video into Smart Notebook does appear, but as soon as I login as a another teacher the option dissapears again. Obviously some kind of preference is store somewhere.

Any ideas?