Hi Guys! got an issue here with RM Maths and printing off pupil progress reports. Basically, when you click print, nothing happens. I have tried this fix: How to resolve printing issues with RM Snapshot, RM Maths, RM Starting Graph and Information Magic
But still the same.

I am trying to print to either network copier. One is a Konica Minolta C353 and the other is a Kyocera KM-3035 - which I noticed on the article, Kyocera printers have an issue. I am using the Universal PCL 6 driver for that one. Konica Minolta copier is using the PCL driver.

Server is Server 2008 R2.
Clients are Windows 7.

The lady who has tried printing them off has tried multiple machines.

I'm close to finding a machine that has a USB printer attached and getting her to work on that... because the initial issue is with network printers apparently?

Has anyone fixed this issue in the past?

Thanks in advance!