We've recently moved over to the online version of Testbase and staff are having lots of problems with it. We realised that it needs certain pop-ups to be allowed - which is fine, but the act of being prompted to allow pop-ups and then confirming them causes the user to be taken out of Testbase and shown a message saying "Please launch this application from the original location".

I had the most frustrating support call ever with Testbase last week where they seemed convinced that we were pressing the back button on the browser at some point and couldn't seem to realise the nature of the issue I was trying to report.

I thought I'd sorted the issues by going through and allowing pop-ups for the four sites that they require, but teachers are still reporting problems, including when exporting to Word the questions appear but the image to accompany the question doesn't. Plus - when using it at home on different machines, different browsers etc. they are still getting the same pop-up issues.

Has anyone else had problems with this software and found a foolproof way of getting it running smoothly? I'm doing a step-by-step sheet of instructions for teachers so that they know how to allow pop-ups from certain sites and am looking at what we can do via Group Policy for when they're onsite at school too. Any other ideas?