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Educational Software Thread, Library Management System (Koha) in Technical; Hi i am new member in this Forum ... i wanna ask about Library Management System .. how i can ...
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    Library Management System (Koha)

    i am new member in this Forum ...
    i wanna ask about Library Management System ..
    how i can design database for small library by Koha in Windows .
    is there free programme for Library Management System ?
    what the best in library System ?


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    you can use koha, but check their documentation. i think they recommend a linux server, but alternatively you might be able to use WAMP or XAMPP to give it an apache/php etc feel.
    the problem with free / open-source is it might be a lot of work for you, nothing is truly free, you'll still need the hardware, infrastructure, and man hours to setup + maintain it.
    see this for some info Open source Library Management Systems

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    The best library system is going to be a subjective topic, we use Access-IT. As above OSS is great if your time is free and plentiful.

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    We used Koha at a school I was at 5 years ago. The librarian loved it, and as sysadmin I found it very easy to run. If there was a problem, there are plenty of Koha users and advice is always available via their website. All of our problems were trying to decide the best way to do things. For example, we setup borrows (students) in form groups. What happened when they all moved up a year? How do you update a bunch of users, to record their new form number?

    I wouldn't bother running it under Windows. I suspect you could, but it's easy so slap together a LAMP box and then let it quietly hum away in the corner. If you just run Koha on it, it will be set and forget (largely).

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