Ah, Kodu. We've got it deployed (though GPO) to our three computer rooms. Machines all run it fine, students like it, make quite some advanced stuff.

It's also depolyed to a couple of Staff laptops (IT teachers and one student support). They'd like to run it on their laptops when they take it home to create resources but Kodu does not really like running "offline".

Current install = Works on staff laptops fine. Turn off wireless/disconnect network cable, and program refuses to work. Throws a "WaitingForStorage" error and attempts to find a file on the staff profile area (\\filesrv01\staff$\username...etc)

Using the Configurator to create and save to a local folder also does not appear to work - as soon as the network profiles gets involved, it goes down the pan.

From excessive testing the only way this seems to work is by logging on as a local admin and installing the program as a "portable" version (in "Advanced" setup options) - we'd rather avoid this. I know it's 3 machines but I'd rather not give local admin out.