Hi guys
i am new to sims and have never used the system

I recently moved sims to a virtuial server and i did this by cloning the hard drive and making it virtuial but i now how come accross some problems a week down the line

The problem is that the workstations now do not always connect to Sims or FMS and when it dose it runs realy slow
it might be that the ip of the server has changed i dont know. but the network locations are still the same so we can connect using \\server1\simsdir

The workstations are ran on 32 bit windows 7 i dont know why they are running 32 bit but i will be reinstalling them once i have a solution why sims is not connecting
and the configuration.ini file seems to be linked up properley

Tt the moment i have got the users to rdp to the server and it works fine on there

Can any one please help me