Morning all,

I'm having problems with the already much loved Smart Notebook 11. One of our teachers gave me a laptop with the 'bootmngr is missing' message displayed. So rebuild it, checked it and tried to figure out why it had happened. In the meantime gave him a different laptop chucked smart notebook 11 on as his classroom along with 1 other have new smartboards and wouldn't work interactivley with what we already had. So.. whilst looking at the problem laptop he gave me back the temporary one witht he same message -.- So thinking it must be related to Smart Notebook I installed it on a different laptop to see what happened. Same thing happened again. The only difference between these installs and the one in the other classroom which is still working fine were that the problem one was downloaded and the other installed from a disc. So I tried installing from the same disc. Now the same thing has happened again ...sigh
Any ideas people or is anyone else having problems installing 11? Nothing about this laptop is different from its neighbour in the classroom next door other than I am sick of seeing this one.