Hello, I've just been handed two emails from a user about the Pearson Vue Business Intelligence site, which seems to be related to the new teacher training tests.

Part of the access to this site is for a personal SSL certificate. This SSL certificate seems to be unique to the user, the computer and to the browser, and is installed by some sort of script as you visit the website to request the SSL certificate, so isn't downloaded to the computer.

Now, as we're using mandatory roaming profiles for staff, I think this is going to cause me some issues, from what I've tested so far, the SSL certificate is cleared when the user logs out. It also looks like GPOs aren't an immediate option as the personl SSL certificate isn't a folder that can be imported to.

Has anyone else had to use this Pearson BIS system, have you got it working with mandatory roaming profiles?

I did have a quick chat with support, and they've said I am the only person to have encountered this issue (so far), so I'm going to try again and see if I made a mistake somewhere.