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    Cover Software

    Hi all,

    We don't have SIMS at our school so do staff cover manually.

    Does anyone know any ways of managing this better than an excel sheet for every day.

    Its to:

    1. help see if there are any patterns of absence, reasons, times of year etc to help plan in a more strategic way
    2. draw up feedback reports for SLT and staff when we consider fairness (for example, in fairness for additional payments, fairness for loss of non contacts etc etc).
    3. help see if particular subjects or year groups are more affected – to see if there is any correlation between higher rates of cover and lack of progress etc
    4. enable us to produce simple reports for governors when looking at additional staffing costs etc

    I'm thinking of writing an Access database


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    I wrote ours bespoke for our Intranet using SQL Server and .NET, so a database is a reasonable way to go. I've never been asked to do any analysis of the data though.

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