Hello Everybody!

First of all, please let me state how appreciative I am of Edugeek. I have always found extremely useful information here and every post I've come across has been professional and informative. Kudos & may Edugeek continue to be such a helpful and relevant service.

I've been looking for a more specialized resource, however, focusing on the Virtuoso & Soloist products. Often times I'm dealing with issues that I know other users may have experienced and found solutions for that my vendor support may not be as adept to address.

I did come across one such resources that unfortunately does not seem to be in a state of much use right now. But I went ahead and signed up. And I hope others that may be in search of an independent user community for these products will sign up, too.

It's over on Google groups. I seem to be the only one who's posted so far, but I'm hoping it can grow to be a tool we can rely on.


Thanks All & have a great week!