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Educational Software Thread, Any ClickView users out there? in Technical; Good Morning Forum, We have a Digital Video Recorder setup for the school to record live Television but i have ...
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    Question Any ClickView users out there?

    Good Morning Forum,
    We have a Digital Video Recorder setup for the school to record live Television but i have this persistent error appearing when scheduling multiple recordings - I have had sucessful recording but this is just becoming to common know.

    The following error messages that prompt are the following.

    "The ClickView Digital Video Recorder could not switch to a Digital TV Channel.
    Please Restart CVR and try again"

    Then another..

    "the CVR was unable to start capturing the process"

    I followed the recommended installation procedures and suggestions what could possibly be the issue?

    Thank you very much

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    Is this a custom setup or Clickview 24x7 we use clickview but get most stuff via exchange or internally by taking a video and converting it to WMV using expression encoder. Just grab the video with your favourite software then convert. It does seem to be quite picky about the format hence the use of encoder to put it in pure WMV format. I even managed to train staff to do it

    If all else fails have a chat to their tech support as they are generally reasonable in my experience and actually know one end of their product from the other unlike acer.
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    Install this (or reinstall) This
    Reinstall the software.
    Check windows updates. (Build on .NET framework)

    All else fails. Give them a ring or email. Normally Quick to answer or reply.

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