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Educational Software Thread, Pro/Desktop to be phased out? in Technical; Speaking to one of our software suppliers today I was told Pro/DESKTOP is to be no more. I've checked the ...
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    Pro/Desktop to be phased out?

    Speaking to one of our software suppliers today I was told Pro/DESKTOP is to be no more.

    I've checked the PTC website to find that it appears it may be true linky

    Pro/ENGINEER Schools Edition with replace it. More info here and here

    Anyone already made the switch?

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    Re: Pro/Desktop to be phased out?

    Although PTC has retired Pro/DESKTOP for COMMERCIAL users, it remains an important component of our education initiative and therefore will not be retired for educational purposes.
    looks like an educational version will still be availible.

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    Re: Pro/Desktop to be phased out?

    Pro Desktop ceased to exist over a year ago, with PTC saying that they were going to make a schools version of Pro Engineer, but there was no real information at the time from DATA as to what they were going to do, they said something about they would look at Pro Engineer and then re-consider, but that was the last I heard from them, but Im not DT so I don't get the info from them, so I don't know what DATA are going to do.

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    Re: Pro/Desktop to be phased out?

    It would be a bit of a shock to the DT curriculum if Pro/D was replaced by Pro/E. It's a lot more complicated to use, it uses different methods to produce the same results as Pro/D...more true to a traditional CAD package some might say.

    Pro/D is great for use in schools because at the very least, it's simple and the error messages give you some clue as to what's going wrong LOL. I think Pro/E would be a bit too complex for use in teaching KS3 CAD/CAM principals.

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