As its friday and i'm in a good mood I thought i'd share something that I wrote for my teachers a while ago which they find use when using the easi Speak Pro Microphone. but it may should be easily adapted to your model or device.

What it does!
Teacher plugs in mic clicks on script
It first looks for the folder E:\Mic_rec if its not ther trys f: and G:
Once found it makes a directory in the users Music folder saying "From Microphones" - > Todays date -> microphone number i.e. 1
it then copies all the mp3 recorded items on the microphone and puts them in that folder
It the deletes them from the microphone.
Teacher unplugs and runs the script again placing all items in 2 then 3 etc...
This makes doing a class worth of microphones quick and eay whilst leaving them wipped ready for the next user.

If you have one of these and want to try it download from this link http://www.edudroid.co.uk/CopyFromMics.zip

hope it makes sense and helps people.