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Educational Software Thread, Smartboard software v10.8 problem with Win7 in Technical; I deployed the Smart Educational Software v10.8 school wide using a GPO about 3 weeks ago. From what i can ...
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    Smartboard software v10.8 problem with Win7

    I deployed the Smart Educational Software v10.8 school wide using a GPO about 3 weeks ago. From what i can tell it seems to have deployed with no problems. About a week ago i get complaints from teachers saying that the smartboard is not keeping the orientation that was done the day before. I go and do a re-orientation and the next day its not calibrated any more. Ive upgraded the firmware to the latest version and still the same. Never had this problem before with XP but after a reimaging all computers to windows 7, this problem surfaced. If more info is needed please let me know.

    Smart Educational Software v 10.8 deployed via GPO
    Dell GX620 with windows 7
    Smartboard SB600


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    My first thought with this would be to find out where the calibration data is stored, and see if the users have permission to change it. What type of profile do the users have?

    This thread may help? Smart board can't be calibrated by a restricted user

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