I'm rather confused at the moment. Yesterday I saw a weird issue. An old Smartboard (500 series, with serial-USB converter), where the teacher complained the Smartboard wasn't working until she set it up each time with her laptop. I didn't understand what she meant, but when connected the light on the board flashed green, then turned red. I tried running through a few things, then got bored, uninstalled the drivers and downloaded newer drivers (the previous 10.8 version, as the 10 series was working earlier, and I wanted to keep uniform versions around the school).

The drivers appeared to install fine, the board connects fine, you can orient it, the pens and eraser work perfectly inside Notebook or on an ink layer, yet you can't control the cursor with the Smartboard... well, not unless you click the right-click button, in which case the cursor follows and, say, drags a selection box around the desktop.

I've checked in the diagnostics program and the clicks and drags were logged fine, and showed up in the trace, and it was set to projected mode (though I tried non-projected too).

Is there an option somewhere that I'm missing to disable cursor control? The board itself appears fine, was working before the holidays, and was apparently working up until the I reinstalled the drivers.