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Educational Software Thread, Anasazi Stop Motion Animator in Technical; we have been given this software by the head of ICT within the school it runs fine as a network ...
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    Anasazi Stop Motion Animator

    we have been given this software by the head of ICT within the school

    it runs fine as a network administrator but comes up with the error when loging on as a student or a teacher:

    Microsoft WDM Image Capture (win32): Error in capFileSetCaptureFile

    I just wondered if anyone had used this software before and what permissions it requires to work on a network



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    I have just run into this and need to use it for a project that is being run here next week. Can anyone help me to get this working?

    Hope so. I don't even know where to start. I don't want to reduce my managed policies to get it working. If i could do it at computer level i reckon i could get it running over the network as it is the same error.

    I have emailed the guy using the address in the help section but it got returned stating that the mailbox was unavailable. It is a hotmail address so i think it has expired.

    Thanks in advance.
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    no solution to your issue but if you don't solve it i would recommend using monkey jam to do animations

    -- MonkeyJam - Download

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    You get this message because your students probably don’t have access to the “C:\” of the computer. The default scratch drive for SMA is “C:\”.

    Need to get students to do the following when they want to use SMA:

    - Start Stop Motion Animator

    - Go to ‘Options – Preferences’

    - Go to the ‘Files’ tab

    - Change Scratch Drive to their ‘H:\’ (Home) drive.

    Alternatively grab a copy of anasazi.ini from the installation directory and change the 'default scratch drive' to users 'H:\' (Home) drive and copy the adjusted ini file (see my settings below) with you login script or via GPO.

    I install SMA on a computer, then modify the anasizi.ini file by changing these lines:




    I then created an msi file with 'Installer2Go' (Free version) and deployed it via GPO.

    Hope this helps.

    Bob Kerr,
    Adelaide. South Australia

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