We have more vacancies at Imperial.

https://www4.ad.ic.ac.uk/OA_HTML/OA....CIHF8E7Nr-m6Gw.. gives details of the post of IT Services site manager (there are about 10 "sites" and each has a site manager - for info, my job is as manager of the team known as FoNS West)

This would be a good post for someone who has been working as a technician but would now like to move to a bigger organisation and gain some management experience.

The other post https://www4.ad.ic.ac.uk/OA_HTML/OA....5PGZ45ju1OIqNw.. is as a member of the operating system support group. This is a "back office" type job and is suitable for someone who wants to work in a large organisation doing a very technical job.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about the jobs but note that I'm not involved in the recruitment process; I just work here :-) You can email me - s.rochford@imperial.ac.uk