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Educational IT Jobs Thread, Seeking advice for tasks in United Kingdom (UK) Specific Forums; Hi, I have been given the job of coming up with a 30 min task to set potential Medai Technicians. ...
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    Seeking advice for tasks


    I have been given the job of coming up with a 30 min task to set potential Medai Technicians. The hard bit is our new media area is not yet built.

    Any ideas or anyone had experiance of task for this role?

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    Re: Seeking advice for tasks

    No specific advice about what to set, but surely you can get ideas from the teachers that the post will support about common problems?

    I'd also suggest using the job description / person spec that the job is being advertised with as a framework for this... Not only might it help you but I'd say it was essential to work within these documents; a candidate would be perfectly justified if they complained that a test or task based on stuff that wasn't listed as being required or desirable for the job is flawed, and you have to be _very_ careful at all stages of the recruiting process these days.

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    Re: Seeking advice for tasks

    I would also suggest taking all the jobs that you have to do for the media department and sticking some means o testing for these skills in the test. That way you won't have to do them any more!

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    Re: Seeking advice for tasks

    Think things to do with media capture, playback, various monitoring solutions such as projectors and crt and tft. Things to do with audio capture and monitoring. Different types of equipment and cables. Media conversions etc.

    Break stuff and tell them to fix it. That's the best way to test someone on their technical knowledge IMHO.

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    Re: Seeking advice for tasks

    Download and install audacity and record tape into the PC.

    Normal task as well.

    Give the applicants a bag of connector and get then patch some stuff together. You might need some music gear for this some mic and that type of stuff.

    Come up with some media type problems? How do I?

    Get him to wire a 120 pin EDAC plug?

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