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    Imperial College London - IT Support Engineer

    We have 3 vacancies for IT Support staff.

    Details here: https://www4.ad.ic.ac.uk/OA_HTML/OA....mz-w2IGHlyCMSA..

    There's a chance that that stupidly long URL won't work - if so, go to Employment and follow "Job search for applicants not currently employed by Imperial College staff" and then look at Professional Area "Information Communication Technology"

    The jobs are in the faculty support teams - providing desktop support to staff and students in one part of the College (eg my team provides support to all Maths and Physics users)

    Unlike some universities, Imperial's ICT is provided centrally to all departments - all general purpose networking and all file, mail, web, database servers etc are all provided by ICT and looked after by ICT centrally. If what you want to do is manage servers and hide in a cupboard without user contact then this is not the job for you. If, however, you want to work in an environment where you really do get to support world leading science and deal with a huge range of different people and their ICT needs and problems then this might be for you.

    As you might expect, there's a wide range of software and hardware in use (standard desktop OS range is x64 Windows 7, Red Hat 6, Fedora 16, Ubuntu 11.04and Mac OS X Lion but actually you could easily find any OS on a machine and that machine might be HP or Apple or could be just about anything) There are about 21,000 people at Imperial which equates to 40,000 users in our Active Directory and over 100,000 devices registered on our wired network. Some users would see 3 Gigabytes as a lot of data; others are struggling to keep their data in 3 Petabytes of storage!

    Note that there are 2 salary scales; you would normally expect to start on a 3a (£27,400) but most people progress to 3b once they've demonstrated that they are doing the job at a satisfactory level.

    If you want to ask about this feel free to email me - s.rochford@imperial.ac.uk

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    An opportunity to work with the man Mr Rochford; anyone would be lucky for such an op.

    Good luck to those who apply.

  3. Thanks to kmount from:

    srochford (17th March 2012)

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    If I was not in the gardening business I would apply....literally one of the best universities in the country to work for!

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    Shame I've just accepted another role!

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    Has this role been filled as I know a couple of people that applied and never heard anything back?

    Thanks in advance

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